Stories by Stephen Bell

NZ Post snubs current vendor relationships

The company is looking for a partner that can support it in the "significant operational, business and cultural changes" it needs to make, centred on adopting a more innovative culture.

Long running software patent debate looks close to resolution

In writing about the computer industry, particularly in a seat of government (and I've worked in London and Wellington) one of the most persistent themes is the law and how it deals with the new concepts, new artefacts or new ways of doing familiar things that technology frequently creates."

Digital copyright - the world starts to worry

ICT journalism in New Zealand sometimes seems to be in a small sector of a small geographical corner; what we say is important to us and our local industry, but is given little attention by the rest of New Zealand, or the world.

Minister Tremain claims new ICT strategy will save millions

Good progress is being made towards the goal of having New Zealanders complete more transactions with government easily online, says Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain, but the pressure to move more services through digital channels in a coordinated way will intensify.

DIA previews government ICT strategy

Department of Internal Affairs deputy chief executive Tim Occleshaw has given the Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017 a soft launch at the Govis conference earlier this week and at last week's CIO Summit.

Internet should be prepared for 'militarisation': UK ministry report

A recently published report on potential scenarios of cyber-conflict, The Global Cyber-Game, says it is inevitable that the internet will be "militarised" -- used to serve the needs of military conflict between nations -- and that ICT will increasingly be both an important means and a target of such conflict.

Targeted cyberattacks can't be prevented: ISACA

Enterprises must take the word ‘prevent’ out of the cybersecurity dictionary, says a short book published earlier this month by international ICT association ISACA and consultants Ernst & Young.

Systems are now secure: Govt CIO

The public service needs to “raise its game” on information security and privacy, says State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie, following the publication of a report into publicly accessible government information systems.

Inland Revenue beefs up senior ICT team

Following approval of up to $1.5 billion funding for a major upgrade to Inland Revenue computer systems, the department is advertising for four new senior ICT personnel.