Stories by Stephen Bell

Draft code aims to clarify UFB plans

The Telecommunications Forum (TCF) has released a draft code for public comment on “full disclosure” and more consistent description standards for retail broadband offerings.

Metadata looms large in GCSB interception findings

The majority of the contentious cases of data gathering by the Government Communications Security Bureau from New Zealand citizens or residents involve metadata, a concept not clearly dealt with in the Act governing the bureau’s operations as it currently stands.

Fair Deal Coalition to shower Groser with letters

An early strike from the expanded Fair Deal Coalition takes the form of a letter to Trade Minister Tim Groser, setting out the characteristics of the kind of intellectual-property protection regime they would like to see come out of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP).

Trans-Pacific Partnership protest movement expands

The Fair Deal Coalition, formed to tackle concerns with the intellectual property provisions of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), is launching a global publicity and education campaign. Fair Deal Coalition members include InternetNZ.

Ministry answers principal's security doubts

The Ministry of Education has provided answers to a Northland school principal’s misgivings on the security and privacy of information maintained by PaCT (Progress and Consistency Tool), and information system designed to monitor overall student progress against national standards.

Councils go to cloud with Revera's help

Local company LeapThought is piggybacking on government’s drive to the cloud and offering local authorities a suite of software-as-a-service products. Collectively branded as CitiZen, these have been developed with the participation of the Rotorua District Council and Hamilton City Council.

Tablet v PC - Asus straddles the fuzzy divide

In the face of a slump in PC sales and industry debate over whether the smartphone or tablet is now the preferred tool for a large segment of domestic and even small business users, Asus continues to release a number of combined and flexible devices that try to play on both sides of the dividing lines.

Proposals invited for historic Northland digital 'trail'

The NZ Historic Places Trust plans to commission a digital “tourism trail” for Northland. This may include location-sensitive apps for portable devices to deliver sound and illustrative material telling the stories associated with historical landmarks in the region.

Patents Bill amended to clarify software issue

A new Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) has been injected into the Patents Bill debate by Commerce Minister Craig Foss and is seen by some industry organisations as moving the position of software patentability closer to the total ban established by the Commerce Select Committee in 2010.

CIO sought for merged primary industry organisation

New data-rich primary-industry organisation OSPRI, formed by the amalgamation of National Animal Identification and Tracing (Nait) and the Animal Health Board (AHB) is seeking senior executives, including a chief information officer.
The CIO will be in charge of formulating an information strategy that will use the huge resources of data on 80,000 farms, their animals and their owners to the benefit of those owners and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector.