Stories by Ed Scannell

Microsoft delivers Windows Vista beta

After four long years of talking the talk, Microsoft on Wednesday gave the outside world its first official look at its next generation operating system, shipping Beta 1 Release of the recently renamed Windows Vista.

Microsoft to ship Longhorn with RSS

Microsoft has announced its intention to fully support the RSS Web publishing standard in its next generation version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, along with plans to help application developers more easily create RSS-enabled applications for Windows.

IBM to commercialise Blue Gene supercomputer

Fresh from setting a record for performance among supercomputers just a few days ago, IBM has announced it is making a commercial version of its Blue Gene system available to be aimed at businesses and scientific researchers.

Linux standards base Version 2.0 has C++ support

The Free Standards Group (FSG) on Tuesday will release Version 2.0 of its Linux Standard Base (LSB), a key standard that enables developers to rally around a common programming framework and keeps Linux from fragmenting into competing camps.

IBM won't assert patents against Linux kernel

In his keynote address on Wednesday at LinuxWorld, IBM Senior Vice President of Technology and Marketing Nick Donofrio assured the Linux nation his company would not assert its formidable patent portfolio against the Linux kernel and strongly advocated others to promise the same.

Dell set to jump back into blade server market

Dell plans to jump back into the blade server game with both feet in this year's fourth quarter, when it introduces a new system that lets corporate users put one and half blade servers into the same space that now accommodates a 1U rack-mounted server.

IBM ships Linux-based content manager

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of its Express line of server-based applications, IBM Corp. on Monday said it is shipping a Linux-based version of Content Manager Express to beta testers and also touted plans to deliver the product on its iSeries platform shortly, with both the Linux and iSeries versions intended for midsize companies.

IBM's Corgel: Software as a service is coming

As general manager in charge of e-Business Hosting Services for IBM Corp.'s mammoth Global Services group, IBM veteran Jim Corgel has had the perfect perch from which to see the building interest among corporate IT shops to have software delivered as a service. Corgel is convinced the trend is in its early days and will grow to become commonplace in terms of how corporate users obtain key applications and larger solutions.

Symantec tool eases PC migration

Hoping to ease the migration process involved with moving corporate users to new desktops, Symantec has unveiled a new tool that automates many of the more mundane tasks associated with PC migration.

IBM delivers On Demand services for ISVs

Practicing what it preaches as part of its On Demand gospel, IBM on Thursday announced a new grid-based program that allows developers to virtually access a range of hardware and software resources on an on-demand basis to build and sell solutions.

IBM opens four SOA design centers

Hoping to give its strategies surrounding Systems Oriented Architectures (SOAs) a boost among corporate users, IBM on Tuesday announced it has opened four SOA Design Centers to help corporate users sculpt enterprise-level solutions, at its CIO Summit on SOAs in Toronto.

IBM introduces WebSphere-based server for SMBs

IBM Corp. on Wednesday put another piece of its integration strategy in place for SMBs (small and midsize businesses), unveiling a new WebSphere-based server that helps users better integrate both business processes and people.

IBM rolls out Power 5-based iSeries server

IBM on Monday took the wraps off its first server fueled by its long-awaited Power5 chip, with the system also containing software to run four different operating system simultaneously including Windows, Linux AIX 5L, and the newly revamped OS/400.