Stories by Tom Spring

'Wrong Page, Sucka!'

Error pages don't have to be boring 404 — Webmasters get creative with dead ends.

Netscape Revamps Site and Browser Beta

Netscape is unveiling a redesigned, highlighting simpler access to small-business services and applications. Also, many bugs are fumigated from Netscape's third and final preview version of its Netscape 6 browser.

MSN Adds Chat Room Sound Track

When you're pouring on the charm in Microsoft Corp.'s MSN "Blind Date" chat room, a little Barry White in the background couldn't hurt, right? Or maybe you prefer Cher, Britney, or Garth, pardner.

Dragon Dictates Its Last Message

It's the end of an era: The last edition of NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software developed solely by Dragon Systems makes its debut this week.

Netscape Browser Nears Beta

Devotees of the Netscape browser have something to get excited about for the first time in three years. Netscape, now an America Online Inc. subsidiary, announced on Monday that a 6.0 beta version of its once-dominant browser will hit the Internet next month. This will replace the current Navigator 4.x line, which was launched in 1997.

Intel delays high-end PCs

Intel has delayed the release of new high-end PCs featuring its new 820 chipset citing memory problems associated with the Rambus memory design.