Stories by Georgina Swan

IT skills shortage could delay software development

The IT skills shortage continues to plague executives and developers alike and could lead to significant delays in the development of software and systems, according to a benchmarking report by a NATA accredited software testing firm.

Night Dragon brings security vulnerabilities into boardroom

A hacking operation dubbed 'Night Dragon' has targeted energy organisations, using tried-and-tested intrusion methods to steal intellectual property related to oil field exploration and bidding plans, according to security company, McAfee.

Nine data warehousing trends for the CIO

Gartner has issued the following missive to CIOs: Familiarise yourself with key data warehousing trends and how they will impact the technology deployed to deliver business analytics during 2011 and 2012.

Proving the value of IT - Part two

To some extent, organisations are being held back from realising the value of IT projects by the very way in which they measure success. Too often, it is based solely on the business case.

Proving the value of IT - Part one

Value. It's a powerful word at the best of times. It can mean cheap and simple or large and complex -- and everything in between -- and all meanings are positive, depending on your point of view. When the word 'value' comes up in focus groups, brand managers are wont to smile wryly and consider their job done. Happy days.

Market sees value in IT

Until now, CIOs have been flying blind when it comes to empirical, comparable evidence of how the market views IT investments by publicly listed organisations. But new research changes that.

NBN to drive Australian business technology

About 70 per cent of Australian organisations think the NBN will better enable their business, particularly in the areas of video conferencing, virtual desktops and IT as a service, according to IDC research.

Enterprise needs 'predictive analytics' to survive

Organsations that want to survive in an ever-changing marketplace must supplement their business intelligence activities with business analytics, according to SAS senior vice-president and chief marketing officer, Jim Davis.

Telepresence and video conferencing: The business case

It could be any meeting room, anywhere, with one major difference: The room, within Sheraton on the Park hotel in Sydney, is a gateway to the world. At the push of a button, we are chatting to colleagues in Toronto, Canada, speaking to each other as if we were seated across the table. We see the nuances of facial expressions, hand gestures and presentations, full-size, clear and uninterrupted. Birds of a Feather flock together

The conference in Wellington is not all about keynote speakers. Some of the most interesting sessions come from the Birds of a Feather (BOF) gatherings, where people come together to talk about all things open source.

CIOs talk Google Apps migration

Chief information officers heard first-hand accounts from their colleagues about moving to Google Apps at a recent roundtable, with New Zealand Postal Services, AAPT and Mortgage Choice all migrating to the cloud applications.