Stories by Keith Shaw

WATCH: Photo and video gift ideas

Even though most people have and use the camera on their cell phones, there are still a number of different and cool video- and photo-related gadgets available for holiday shoppers to peruse.

WORK: Gift ideas for the office (or home office)

With today's flexible workstyles, your office can be in a corporate workspace or the dining room table of your home. No matter the place, sometimes you need more than just a notebook and a mouse to get things done - so we're here to help.

LISTEN: Audio-related gift ideas for 2012

If you're a fan of music, or have someone on your gift list who is still using the Apple headphones provided by them, you'll want to consider some of these items from our 2012 Cool Yule Tools holiday gift guide.

PROTECT: Cases for your smartphone or tablet

These days, cases for your new smartphone, tablet or e-reader are just as important as the device itself. Whether it's to fit a specific style, taste or customization, there are hundreds of different options for dressing your tablet up.

CONNECT: Networky gift ideas for the holidays

Opening a new gadget for the holidays isn't any fun if you can't connect to the InterWeb or other devices. Sometimes you need to upgrade your network, and they often make great gifts, too!

PRIMP: Health, fitness and grooming gadgets for the holidays

In previous years' Cool Yule Tools holiday gift guide, we've offered health and fitness gadget gift suggestions, but this year we decided to expand this category to include "grooming" tips as well. Looking good is always important, and technology is being added to new things to help us stay that way.

KID STUFF: Child-friendly gadgety gift ideas

My obsession with technology and gadgets came at a relatively early age - I got the Merlin, a handheld toy with red lights, cool sounds and the ability to play a mean game of tic-tac-toe.

LIVE: Home and style gadgety gift ideas

OK, we'll admit up front that this Cool Yule Tools category used to be "Miscellaneous", for those items that didn't quite fit into other groupings. But the more we thought about what we're putting in here, the more we realized that these are homey gadgets as well as things that make you more stylish - things you wear.

Cisco adds 802.11ac, cloud features to new home router

Cisco's Linksys brand of home wireless networking routers today joined other vendors in coming out with 802.11ac equipment, as well as enabling a cloud-based platform for configuration and control of its "Smart Wi-Fi Routers."

2010 Tech News Year in Review [video]

If you've been too busy this year trying to figure out the settings on your iPad, watching the Double Rainbow video on YouTube or asking your friends to send you more sheep for Farmville, here's a chance to catch up on the really important tech news from the year.

2010 Year in Review: Gadgets [video]

Amazingly enough, the world of gadgets in 2010 was more than just smartphones from Google and Apple. Smartphones and tablets may have stolen the headlines this year, as the innovation spotlight turned away from consumer electronics and back to computing. Martyn Williams from the IDG News Service provides a video look at the top gadgets of 2010. You can also watch this video on the <a href="">Network World YouTube Channel</a>.

2010 Year in Review: Robots [video]

This has been quite a year for our gear-driven robot friends. They've cycled hundreds of kilometers, they've walked for hours without a break and one almost got into space. Martyn Williams from the IDG News Service offers up the <a href="">year in robots in this video</a>.