Stories by Keith Shaw

2010 Year in Review: Apple [video]

It's not much of a stretch to say that 2010 was a good year for Apple. With the iPad and iPhone 4 coming to market, Apple saw much success in creating new markets and extending its reach with the mobile device space. But this year also saw some controversy, from the leaked iPhone 4 device to the bumper/antenna controversy.

2010 Microsoft Year in Review: The Video

Microsoft saw 2010 as a year of ups and downs with bright spots in gaming, mobile and cloud computing. Nick Barber from the IDG News Service provides this video year-in-review piece.

Elephant Trunk Inspires Robotic Arm [video]

A robotic arm inspired by an elephant's trunk has won Germany's 2010 Future Prize. The arm was developed by Festo, an engineering company in southern Germany, and the country's Fraunhofer IPA institute. The IDG News Service offers up a video on the robotic arm.

CES show remains cool despite cooling economy

You'd think the sky had fallen with all the reports of lower attendance, shrinking hotel room rates and no Bill Gates keynote (as well as no Steve Jobs keynote over at MacWorld) at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Despite the doom and gloom, there were still tons of new products announced with enough fanfare to make the hype-masters happy. Here are a couple of trends and products that piqued my interest:

Palm, Sony launch new handhelds

FRAMINGHAM (10/03/2003) - Palm Inc. and Sony Corp. each launched new personal digital assistant (PDAs) last week, with features such as a landscape display option, faster processors and additional memory.

DEMOMOBILE - The coolest gadgets from Demomobile

FRAMINGHAM (09/25/2003) - For two days in San Diego, the press, investors and other dignitaries got to see what's new in the world of mobility at the Demomobile 2003 show, run by IDG Executive Forums, a division of Network World.

It's a camera, a PDA, a phone! It's Origami!

Apart from the lines of people waiting to play Microsoft's new Xbox video game platform, Comdex 2002 wasn't as crowded as previous years. That said, there were still plenty of cool things to see on the show floor, especially the new concepts that vendors will try to develop into products over the next few years.