Stories by Julie Bort

Servers preloaded with Amazon-friendly cloud software

Ubuntu and Dell have come up with a scheme to make it easier for Amazon EC2 customers to shift workloads to and from the cloud -- by shipping Dell servers preloaded with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud software, or UEC.

Greenpeace lauds Asus, Acer, HP, Samsung for greenest consumer electronics

At <a href="">CES</a> this week, environmental watchdog group Greenpeace named the greenest consumer electronics products. Asus, Acer, HP and Samsung earned some of the highest marks, while Wipro and Dell earned some of the lowest. Apple refused to participate, but still earned an unofficial nod for its chemical free MacBook Pro.

New high-speed I/O interface debuts at CES

The war is over and USB has won ... or has it? At CES this week a new wireless SATA interface will try to dethrone SuperSpeed USB by offering speeds of up to 6Gbps vs. USB 3.0's max of 5Gbps.

Favorite cheap network tools

We asked our bloggers to give us a list of the free or nearly free network tools they love. They had tons of them, ranging from ways to track network device configurations to ways to keep data synched between multiple devices.

Burning Man's open source cell phone system could help save the world

Today I bring you a story that has it all: a solar-powered, low-cost, <a href="">open source</a> cellular network that's revolutionizing coverage in underprivileged and off-grid spots. It uses <a href="">VoIP</a> yet works with existing cell phones. It has pedigreed founders. Best of all, it is part of the sex, drugs and art collectively known as <a href="">Burning Man</a>. Where do you want me to begin?

14 free enterprise training tools from Microsoft

If there is a silver lining to the frustration caused by <a href="">Microsoft</a>'s new <a href="">Ribbon menus</a>, it is this: the company has created a program geared to end user training of <a href="">Office 2007</a> and <a href="">Windows 7</a> comprised of more than a dozen (mostly) free tools. Microsoft calls this program "Cultural Adoption of Software in the Enterprise" or CASE (as in, "making the CASE" for new software, or maybe "get off my CASE" -- I'll leave that interpretation up to you.)

Cisco releases premier 'architect' certification details

For years, the coveted Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) was the highest, most difficult rank a network professional could achieve. No more. Cisco has announced a new certification, the Cisco Certified Architect, which will become the rank above CCIE. The CCA will attempt to marry the networking engineering know-how of the CCIE, with the business acumen of a MBA.

Communication, planning key to ITIL success

ITIL is about people and changing their behavior. If you can get that message across to your IT staff, you've won most of the battle for improved IT processes, said Neville Teagarden, senior vice president and CIO for ProLogis, during Network World's IT Roadmap in Denver, Colorado recentlty.

Storage virtualisation works for vet school

When it comes to flexible enterprise storage, the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine (UFCVM) doesn&#8217;t horse around. Over the last six months, the college has been putting its 7TB storage area network through its paces, using it for nearline backup and primary storage.

Travelocity's flight to open systems

FRAMINGHAM (11/05/2003) - The extended enterprise concept is as old as networking itself, and as young as e-commerce. Few companies typify that old/young dichotomy better than LP, the Internet child of Sabre Holdings -- granddaddy of extended enterprises.

Real-life real time

FRAMINGHAM (11/05/2003) - Examples abound of cutting-edge extended enterprises already testing real-time - meaning near instantaneous - automation.

Antispam glossary

FRAMINGHAM (09/22/2003) - Network World's anti-spam fighter, Peter Hebenstreit, recommends familiarity with these methods of stopping unwanted e-mail.