Stories by Matthew Heusser

How Story Mapping Complements Agile Development

Story mapping offers a visualization of the steps, or stories, which make up a software development project. This conversation with several experts on the topic discusses how story mapping works, how maps are created and how stakeholders benefit from seeing the lay of the land.

'No Estimates' in Action: 5 Ways to Rethink Software Projects

The idea behind the #NoEstimates approach to software development isn't to eliminate estimates but, rather, to explore other ways to solve problems without specifically asking, 'How long will it take?' Here are five real-world examples of teams that are doing just that.

Why You May Need an 'Agile Coach' (Whatever One Is)

Ask an 'agile coach' what he or she does and the answer could range from write code to run meetings. It's not what you'd necessarily expect an agile coach to be doing, but that doesn't mean the role is unnecessary.

Coworking Offers Employees More Than Office Space

Coworking promises to improve productivity while improving work-life balance. Whether you're an enterprise with remote employees who want a professional work environment or a start-up firm too small for your own office, you can benefit from coworking.

Behind the scenes with Groupon's developers, talent scout

Groupon had 117 employees in 2009; three years later, that number is 13,000. set out to discuss the state of software development at the dealmaker and find out how it is changing as the company scales to global products with a local presence.