Stories by Manek Dubash

IBM launches intelligent email search tool

IBM has launched an email search engine that does fuzzy searches. According to IBM, the product uses "advanced algorithms that can interpret incomplete queries and find information such as phone numbers, people, meetings, presentations, documents, images and more."

Real-time Linux released

Red Hat has launched a real-time version of Linux, aimed at applications needing predictable responses.

Mobile users in UK hate spam, says survey

About two-thirds of UK mobile users hate receiving spam on their phone, according to a recently published report. But a surprisingly high 11% bought products as a result of receiving it.

APC shows off fuel cells for the datacentre

APC has demonstrated a fuel cell unit that fits into a standard datacentre rack. The ultimate aim is to displace the traditional diesel generators that supply backup power. The fuel cell is aimed at installations where environmental concerns outweigh cost and it could also be a part of greener data-centres in the future.

VMware unveils performance measurement tool

VMware has released the first public beta of a VMark, a benchmarking tool VMark. Until now, VMware has refused to allow anyone, via its licensing terms, to benchmark its products. Its change of heart is the first concrete evidence that it’s being forced by market pressure into changing its policy. VMware’s plans to produce it were first revealed last year, just before VMworld, its annual developer and user conference.

XenSource targets VMware with hypervisor update

Open source virtualization specialist XenSource has updated XenEnterprise, its enterprise-level hypervisor, aiming to cement its position as the main alternative to market leader VMware.

Duo offers 10Gbit Ethernet for blades

Blade switch specialist Blade Network Technologies and 10 Gigabit Ethernet vendor NetXen have collaborated to deliver what they describe as “the industry’s first solution offering 10GE connectivity for blade servers”.

HP automates virtual server management

HP has added new capabilities to its virtual server management system, so clustered servers running Oracle on HP-UX 11i can automatically use more or fewer resources, depending on workload.