Stories by Cara Garretson

Economy forcing 'spoiled' generation to grow up

Two years ago, employment experts advised enterprises that to attract sought-after <a href="">young workers</a> they must exploit new technologies and relax corporate rules. Today those same experts are now coaching young job-seekers to compete with more experienced applicants by becoming more, well, corporate.

Venture capitalists see virtualisation as still hot in 2008

In 2008, investments in start-ups that target consumers are expected to remain significantly hotter than those in companies building enterprise wares, as has been the case for the last few years. However, there are a few areas in corporate IT that should see some significant interest, according to Paul Maeder, founding partner with venture capital firm Highland Capital Partners.

Phishers move beyond eBay, PayPal

EBay and PayPal, once the primary lures used by phishers to trick e-mail users into giving up personal information, aren't as popular as they used to be.

IM threats double in August

In the month of August to date, there have been 38 malicious-code attacks on instant-messaging networks, double the number experienced in July.

Storm worm spam nearly doubles in volume

Account confirmation spam is the latest spammer trick, asking recipients to confirm their account information with a bogus organization by logging into a Web site that is infected with the Storm Trojan malware. This latest technique is catching on: Account confirmation spam has grown in volume from 18 percent of all spam on Tuesday to 35 percent Wednesday.

PDF spam ready to take replace declining image spam

Security vendors and users agree that image spam is finally on the decline, but at the same time a new kind of spam is emerging that uses an attached PDF file to trick recipients into buying stock in a company.