Stories by Cara Garretson

Harry Potter worm says he is dead

Always ready to hitch their creations to current pop-culture events, malware writers have developed a new worm just in time for the release of the latest "Harry Potter" movie and novel.

Sophos upgrades endpoint security

Sophos last week announced a version of its endpoint antivirus software that adds new threat-protection and administration features.

Green storage means money saved on power

In a perfect world, you easily could rein in the rapidly increasing amount of power that storage systems consume just by telling users to stop stockpiling data. In the real world, you'd lose your job for suggesting that.

Security: Thumb sucking, slurping, snarfing...

Remember when thumb sucking was considered an innocent activity, except that if you did it as a young child you might need braces as a teen? Today you'd need a lot more than a mouthful of metal to protect from thumb sucking.

RFID weakness demo nixed

Show organisers of the Black Hat Federal security conference have agreed to cancel a demonstration that would show attendees how to build RFID cloners.

Secure Computing looks to trusted reputation

Secure Computing has announced new versions of its firewall and web security appliances that take advantage of reputation data collected by its TrustedSource scoring system.

SurfControl speeds info delivery

SurfControl has announced plans to boost delivery of its internet security threat lists by making them available on Akamai’s network of 20,000 servers. SurfControl customers who subscribe to the company’s list of internet threats — such as email addresses that send spam or websites that download malicious code on visitors’ PCs — will be able to download these lists from the closest Akamai server, rather than having to rely on a central location, according to SurfControl.

CipherTrust upgrades IM security

Security company CipherTrust recently announced an upgrade to its appliance designed to secure and manage corporate use of instant messaging with features that add tighter control and better threat protection to this popular communication channel.

Ransomware, other Trojans dominate in 2006

Ransomware, or software that takes control of a computer and demands money in exchange for access to files, is one type of Trojan Horse program growing in popularity, according to Sophos' mid-year security report issued on Wednesday.

X-ray specs: how to upgrade and save money

For Community Medical Centres, a recent move to a filmless environment has had multiple business benefits. The traditional method — placing images such as X-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds on film — was expensive and time-consuming. Two years ago the non-profit hospital group began moving to a system that would let those images traverse the network, so technicians, doctors and other medical staff from just about anywhere could gain access to them.

Threat alert shows vulnerabilities in backup software

The SANS Institute Monday reported 422 new Internet security vulnerabilities discovered during the second quarter, up nearly 11 percent from the first quarter, with weaknesses in popular backup software highlighting the report.