Stories by Cara Garretson

VOIP security threats: Fact or fiction?

Imagine an intruder found his way into your VOIP network undetected and began listening to any conversation he chose, extracting sensitive information, company secrets or even details he could use to blackmail your CEO.
Last month, a company called Internet Security Systems (ISS) issued an alert to warn users that Cisco's VOIP offering had a security flaw that would allow just that. According to the company, this implementation flaw in Cisco's Call Manager, which handles call signaling and routing, could allow a buffer overflow that would grant an intruder access to the system to listen in on all calls routed through it.

Roaring Penguin adds filters to anti-spam software

FRAMINGHAM (11/26/2003) - Roaring Penguin Software Inc. Tuesday released an upgrade to its CanIt anti-spam program that includes Bayesian filters to help the software recognize spam and block it before it reaches end users' mailboxes.

IPOs make a cautious, quiet return

FRAMINGHAM (11/07/2003) - Private network companies in search of capital might begin looking to IPOs again, as signs point to the return of this financing vehicle that hasn't been in favor since the Internet bubble burst in 2000.

Venture funding holds its own during Q3

FRAMINGHAM (11/07/2003) - While privately held network companies still aren't attracting the venture capital dollars they used to, experts are upbeat about investments in the overall technology sector during the third quarter, which should mean more companies with good ideas will find the funding they need to bring their products to market.

Mirapoint fattens up spam stoppers

FRAMINGHAM (11/07/2003) - Mirapoint Inc. is fortifying its e-mail security appliance with new anti-spam filters and administrator and end-user tools to help users manage unwanted e-mails.

Proofpoint improves spam prevention

FRAMINGHAM (10/30/2003) - Anti-spam start-up Proofpoint Inc. last week released an upgrade to its corporate gateway software that promises to give customers new ways to detect and deflect spam.

ISPs ratcheting up their anti-spam efforts

FRAMINGHAM (10/17/2003) - As the spam epidemic continues to worsen, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are taking on a more leading role in trying to stop unwanted e-mail from reaching corporate networks and consumer in-boxes.

Vendors bolster antispam packages

More anti-spam vendors are expanding their offerings beyond blocking unwanted e-mail, as FrontBridge Technologies Inc. promotes its disaster-recovery services and MailFrontier Inc. adds fraud protection to its anti-spam software.

Brightmail's anti-fraud services target spoofers

FRAMINGHAM (10/03/2003) - Catering to corporate customers who want more than just junk-mail protection from their anti-spam vendor, Brightmail Inc. this week announced a new anti-fraud service and the addition of Symantec Corp.'s anti-virus software to its gateway product.

California anti-spam law called excessive

FRAMINGHAM (09/26/2003) - While California's tough new anti-spam law aims to stomp out unwanted commercial e-mail, the legislation enacted last week could also hamstring legitimate businesses looking to communicate with customers.

Government agencies still stumped by info sharing

It has been nine months since terrorists used commercial airplanes to attack the US, and still federal agencies are struggling to figure out how to best share information so the country is not caught unaware again.

Court orders FCC to re-examine local competition rules

In a decision viewed as a victory for incumbent local phone providers, better known collectively as Baby Bells, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has ordered a review of the regulations that govern how the Bells must treat competitors in the local phone market.

Politics plus email equals spam?

New Zealand political parties gearing up for this year's election might want to take note of a discussion in the US this week on political spam.