Stories by Paul Kallender

NTT advances quantum crypto key distribution

In what could be a step forward in the development of quantum cryptography systems, a Japanese laboratory has demonstrated that it can send quantum keys through an optical switch designed for normal optical communications.

US court grants AMD document retention request

The US District Court for the District of Delaware has granted a request by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) that documents be preserved for use as evidence as the company pursues its antitrust litigation against Intel, AMD said Monday.

Yahoo buys VOIP service company Dialpad

Yahoo has bought VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) service provider Dialpad Communications to use its technology in Yahoo's VOIP services, Dailpad said Tuesday.

Toshiba develops detachable display

Toshiba Corp. has developed a detachable display that the company says will combine the convenience of a Tablet PC with the computing power of a notebook PC, and that could be available in about three years, it said at Cebit on Thursday.

Tokyo court orders popular word processor off market

The Tokyo District Court has suspended the production and sale of a word processing program that is the only serious competitor in Japan to Microsoft Corp.'s Word. The court also called for existing stocks of the program, called Ichitaro, to be destroyed. Justsystem Corp., which develops the software, said it plans to appeal.