Stories by Eric Lai

Oracle upgrades Beehive

Oracle has announced enhancements to its Beehive collaboration software, with the aim of positioning it more strongly against offerings from Microsoft and IBM.

ARM: Heretic in the church of Intel, Moore's Law

For 30 years, the PC industry has treated Moore's Law with religious reverence. Its immutable commandment -- "Thou shalt double the number of transistors on circuits every 18 months" -- created an enviable business model with consumers spurred to buy new, more-powerful PCs every few years.

Virtual software appliances get mixed reception

Virtual software appliances are applications -- mostly server ones, at this point -- that come to users prepackaged with a thin operating system layer. Essentially virtual machines (VM) created by independent software vendors or systems integrators, rather than IT administrators, virtual software appliances help eliminate potential conflicts with the host hardware's operating system or other applications, reducing crashes and improving security.

Microsoft: Enterprises will self-host Windows Azure someday

Future versions of Windows Server will enable companies to efficiently manage and provide virtualized applications through the Web just like Microsoft's upcoming platform-as-a-service, Windows Azure, a company executive said this week.

Microsoft: Office 14 won't ship until 2010

Microsoft Office 14, the next version of the widely used productivity suite, will be "generally available" in 2010, a <a href=";searchTerms=Microsoft+Corporation">Microsoft Corp</a>. spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Forrester: CIOs wrestle with too many enterprise BI tools

More than 40% of enterprise IT decision makers said their companies are using three to five different business intelligence analysis and reporting tools, according to a survey released today by <a href=";searchTerms=Forrester+Research+Inc.">Forrester Research Inc.</a>

How to get SharePoint and stay on Lotus Notes

Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration server software is, by many accounts, a huge hit, providing that seemingly irresistible formula of solid technology for free or at a low price.