Stories by Eric Lai

Post-Gates Microsoft has issues to consider

Oracle and SAP may still be bigger in enterprise applications, and Oracle in databases. Both IBM and Hewlett-Packard may reap more IT dollars overall. But in the ways that really count, Microsoft remains the king of the IT industry.

Is Ballmer right man for Microsoft - for 10 more years?

As the dynamic duo steering Microsoft together for the past 28 years, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have been a near-unstoppable team, combining Gates's technical vision and will to power with Ballmer's salesmanship and rousing, if polarising, personality.

Bill Gates, in other people's words

Not surprisingly, <a href="">Bill Gates</a> has been the subject of a lot of comments over the years from rival executives, comedians and other people. With his official retirement from <a href="">Microsoft Corp.</a><a href="">drawing near</a> , here is a sampling of previous quotes about Gates some positive, some not so positive.

Alternatives to MS Exchange aired

Microsoft's Exchange Server may be the king of corporate email, but it has plenty of detractors, especially among smaller companies that find managing the software and dealing with email backups to be a huge hassle.

Who's winning the app virtualisation war?

The old cliché about 'lies, damned lies and statistics' applies perfectly to the numbers being bandied about by the three main application virtualisation vendors: Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.

Data, and more data, is the big theme

Microsoft Corp. is kicking off the first of two back-to-back <a href="">Tech-Ed conferences</a> in Orlando this morning with a slew of product announcements, and one theme is standing out: data management.

Microsoft's datacentre plan questioned

Microsoft's plan to fill its mammoth Chicago datacentre with servers housed in shipping containers (reported on in Computerworld, April 28) has experts wondering whether the strategy will succeed. In Microsoft's plan, each container in the datacentre, still being built, will be filled with several thousand servers.

INCITS finalises US 'yes' vote on OOXML

After several rounds of voting and internal debate, the committee that represents US interests on technology issues within the ISO standards body has reaffirmed its support for approving Microsoft's Office Open XML document format as an open standard, according to sources close to the process.

Report: US likely to maintain 'yes' vote for OOXML in ISO

An esoteric-but-key technical committee will recommend that the US maintain its support for making Microsoft's Office Open XML document format an ISO-certified open standard, despite controversy at a meeting last week discussing fixes to the proposed specification.

ISO officials, others dispute Open XML meeting was flawed

The ISO official who was in charge of a meeting held last week to discuss possible changes to the Office Open XML standards proposal is hitting back at claims by critics that established rules were disregarded in a bid to hasten the adoption of the Microsoft file format as an open standard.

Microsoft Visio, meets Web 2.0

Microsoft's Visio, best known as software for making static flow charts, is evolving into a tool for creating live data-fed diagrams akin to Web 2.0 mashups.