Stories by Eric Lai

Microsoft Visio, meets Web 2.0

Microsoft's Visio, best known as software for making static flow charts, is evolving into a tool for creating live data-fed diagrams akin to Web 2.0 mashups.

Campus open source, Adobe prompt Microsoft giveaway

For Jake Basile, a computer science major at the University of Akron in Ohio, being an outspoken fan of Microsoft's .Net programming tools sometimes feels as lonely as being a young Republican — which he also is.

Why Sun should have bought Sybase

Common sense would suggest that in general, buying one company at a price equivalent to 3.5 times its annual revenue is a better deal than buying another company for 21 times its annual revenue.

Better Mac management tools bring benefits

As a senior technical support analyst at educational publisher Harcourt, Randy Rowles is happy that he gets to manage the company's 1,000 or so Macintosh systems — perhaps he's even a little smug, as Mac afficionados can be, about how the stability and ease of use of the systems makes his job so easy.

Microsoft: Exchange winning away Notes users

More than 300 companies representing 2.8 million employees began migrating to Microsoft's collaboration and content management system in the last six months of 2007, Microsoft announced on Monday.

Blogger: Long wait for Microsoft tech support 'not a hoax'

The semi-anonymous blogger whose account earlier this week about getting a tech support callback from Microsoft a decade later generated heavy interest and conspiracy theories among techies posted a follow-up late Wednesday, in which he insisted "this is not a hoax."

Flash alternative vendor sees bright future for Silverlight

Microsoft's Silverlight rich-media player, which the software vendor has been touting heavily since last spring, has yet to win many customers away from Adobe Systems's market-leading Flash technology since it was released in September.

How to smoothy upgrade to Office 2007

Moving to a new office is never fun. The same goes for moving to a major new release of Microsoft Office — which Office 2007 happens to be.

Oracle to VMware users: We still support you, kind of

Oracle attempted to clarify its support policy for customers running non-Oracle virtualization platforms, after conflicting statements during its Oracle OpenWorld conference earlier this month left users scratching their heads.

Fired Microsoft CIO re-emerges at mortgage firm

Former Microsoft CIO Stuart Scott, who was fired by the software vendor earlier this month for violating unspecified company policies, has landed a new job -- and a promotion -- at a Florida-based mortgage firm.