Stories by Eric Lai

Siebel On Demand to become 'social CRM'

At its OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, Oracle announced an upcoming version of its Siebel CRM On Demand service that will include social networking features reminiscent of consumer portals such as Facebook or MySpace.

Questions abound on firing of Microsoft's CIO

In addition to the question of what corporate policy now-former Microsoft CIO Stuart Scott violated to lead to his termination by the company on Monday, many other unknowns remain.

Microsoft: 88 million copies of Vista shipped

Despite underwhelming consumers and being snubbed by enterprises, Windows Vista's numbers keep growing, with Microsoft saying that it has now shipped 88 million copies of the operating system, almost double the number of copies of XP in the same amount of time at its launch.

Could Adobe be vulnerable to an AIR attack?

Adobe Systems' moves to support rich Internet applications are exposing the software vendor -- and its developers and users -- to the threat of more Web-based malware and efforts to take advantage of security holes in its products.

Microsoft steps up on SAAS

Conventional wisdom holds that small companies, not big ones, are embracing software-as-a-service (SAAS) technologies. And until now, Microsoft's tentative forays into the SAAS arena — such as its Windows Live, Office Live and Dynamics Live CRM services — have held to that conventional wisdom by focusing on consumers and on small and midsize businesses.

Microsoft's CIO reflects at the two-year mark

Why would a successful CIO leave one company to become co-CIO of another with only one-third the revenue and employees? Answer: The new company is Microsoft. Stuart Scott moved there in mid-2005 from General Electric, the US$160 billion, 319,000-employee behemoth where he had worked for 17 years, most recently as CIO of GE Industrial Systems. Then, about a year ago, co-CIO Ron Markezich was tapped to run Microsoft's budding managed services business. Scott has been Microsoft's sole CIO since then.

OpenOffice update enhances graphics capability

The group has updated its open-source suite of desktop applications, saying the new release enhances the ability of users to create charts and other graphics from spreadsheet data.

Relational databases obsolete, says pioneer

As a researcher at the University of California at Berkeley in the early 1970s, Michael Stonebraker co-created the Ingres and Postgres technology that underlies many leading relational databases today, including Ingres itself, Microsoft’s SQL Server, Sybase’s Adaptive Server Enterprise and IBM’s Informix.

Salesforce launches Web dev platform for on-demand software Inc. on Friday announced a new rich Web platform for building on-demand business software that it hopes will lead to an "explosion" of applications, similar to that currently occurring with Facebook Inc.'s popular Web 2.0 site.

Gates says goodbye at Microsoft annual meeting

One last chance to hear Bill Gates speak before he leaves the company he co-founded to head up his humanitarian efforts drew tens of thousands of Microsoft employees to the company's annual meeting at Safeco Field in Seattle late last week.

Critics: Microsoft gaming ISO system in Open XML vote bid

Countries normally passive in the arcane world of international high-tech standards are suddenly jockeying to have their say in the fate of Microsoft Corp.'s Office Open XML document format, swelling membership in a key but normally obscure technical committee.