Stories by Toni Kistner

Big ideas for advancing telework

FRAMINGHAM (11/07/2003) - Telework has come a long way, with many professionals routinely working away from the office. But can technology take it to the next level -- get it to places that today can't support it? The Telework Consortium, a nonprofit organization charged with addressing the question, says it believes ubiquitous 100M bit/sec broadband and videoconferencing is the key. With its research, lab tests and technology trials, the group wants to profoundly change the way we work. John Starke, its president, recently spoke with Network World's Net.Worker Managing Editor Toni Kistner about the group's strategy.

HotBrick debuts security tools

FRAMINGHAM (10/15/2003) - HotBrick Security Solutions — a Miami, Florida hardware start-up and managed firewall provider — Wednesday plans to debut a pair of dual-WAN security appliances for small offices.

SMC debuts 802.11g router with print server

SMC Networks Inc. Tuesday announced the Barricade g Wireless Broadband Router with USB Print Server. Available Oct. 15 for US$130, the device combines a 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.11g wireless access point, a four-port switch, stateful packet inspection firewall, network management and VPN pass-through. The device also allows small networks to attach and share a standalone printer - via Ethernet or wireless LAN - without keeping a PC running all the time.

Ramping up remote access for all

FRAMINGHAM (09/25/2003) - Like many global companies, Sentry Insurance and risk-management broker Willis use IP Security VPNs to provide IT people and power users with remote access to corporate resources. But with tens of thousands of users at both firms, they find the pressure is mounting to provide remote access to everyone else.

Telework on a shoestring

The relationship between IT and teleworkers can be a prickly one, especially in a down economy.

Too much of a good thing?

In a recent column, I touched on the US Patent Office's decision to terminate its nascent telework programme. Since, I've spoken with Ronald Stern, long time president of the Patent Office Professional Association (POPA), as well as patent examiners and union negotiators. Turns out, this is one meaty issue that pits employees' job satisfaction against the Fed's bottom line.

What's behind the telework slump?

What's wrong with this picture? By 2004, all eligible US federal employees will be allowed by law to telework, yet today, only 4% do. To get at the problem, Congress had the General Services Administration conduct a research study with Booz-Allen & Hamilton to identify the technology barriers to telework.

Microsoft could face EU privacy probe

"Thanks for getting back up on that horse. And thanks to the consumer," was how Trisha Parks, president of research firm Parks Associates, launched the recent seventh-annual Connections 2002 conference in Dallas - a conference co-sponsored by Parks and Continental Automated Buildings Association. Connections brings together hardware and software developers and service providers in the home network, automation and control and cabling/installation industries.

Gen X'ers want telework, study shows

What do Generation X professionals want? Flextime, telecommuting, compressed work weeks - policies and programs that make balancing their work and personal lives easier. And they expect their employers to provide them, according to a recent report by research firm Catalyst.

The death of telephone tag?

No matter how many gadgets you carry or phone numbers and email addresses you own, when it comes to making contact, we all suffer the same frustration.