Stories by Rob Enderle

2 Emerging Markets HP Should Enter to Turn Itself Around

IBM jumped on mainframes before anyone else did. Apple's consumer devices also caught everyone off guard. Both companies are doing pretty well these days. HP can enjoy similar success, columnist Rob Enderle writes, if it rides a 'technology wave' such as personal robots or 3-D printers.

PlaceRaider shows why Android phones are a major security risk

The latest Android vulnerability -- highlighted by U.S. Navy malware and, thankfully, not in the wild -- takes near-constant pictures to determine a phone's location. It's yes another strike against Android phones and is all the more reason to ban them in your BYOD policy, columnist Rob Enderle writes.

Intel's Vision For a Wireless Future Could Be Bunny Ear PCs

At the Intel Developer Forum, there is one must-see keynote that many attendees unfortunately miss because it comes last. This keynote, by Intel CTO Justin Rattner, whose taste of whimsy makes his presentations more memorable than most, gives us a glimpse of what's coming soon from Intel Labs.

Sun Hardware 'Blows,' According to Oracle Internal Documents

More precisely, Oracle said Sun hardware baaaallllloooooooows. That description comes from on discovery documents released by HP related ligation between the two tech giants. Columnist Rob Enderle says Oracle treated you and him like 'idiots.'

HP's power announcements and missed opportunities

HP's recent coming out party unveiled products ranging from an enhanced server line to a new range of thin clients to the first all-in-one workstation. What's missing is an HP corporate story along with what may be the major competitive opportunity. Let me explain.

4 Consumer Technologies That Could Change Your Enterprise

The Consumer Electronics Show is clearly focused on consumers but given that we are in the midst of the consumerization of IT era, the show bears watching. And judging from this year's event, it appears the consumer market is far from done with tossing stuff over the fence at IT. But some of these devices and technologies could actually make our jobs easier, at least in some cases.