Stories by Mike Elgan

Has the spam problem been solved?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in 2004 that <a href="">the problem of spam would be solved within two years</a>. It seemed unlikely at the time, and in fact 2006 came and went without so much as a dip in the crushing load of unwanted email advertising.

10 things I hate about Google+

I have a love-hate relationship with Google+. Because I love it and use it so much, I really hate its current limitations.

OPINION: Why Twitter is obsolete

The microblogging service Twitter debuted five years ago, and by all accounts it's one of the great success stories of the social media era.

Opinion: Why Nokia is toast

It's hard to remember now, but there was a time when Finland was at the center of the cell phone universe. As cell phones overtook pagers, then smartphones overtook cell phones, Nokia was the hottest company in the industry.

Explaining the enigma of Apple

All big companies have their critics. But what's interesting about Apple's detractors is universal surprise. Their disappointment often stems from finding out that Apple isn't the company they thought it was. So I'm going to explain some fundamental aspects of Apple's culture. Next time, you won't be blindsided and confused.

How tech is changing the banking experience

It wasn't long ago that bank customers judged the quality of their local financial institutions by the sturdiness of their columns and vault doors. That idea is a throwback to an era when money was physical, and so was security.

Haptics: The emerging feel-good technology

The touch screen is taking over cellphones, as well as mobile computing and even desktop computing. Both Apple and Microsoft are working on a transition to touch-enabled versions of OS X and Windows. Touch screens are coming in and keyboards and mice are on their way out.

Bashing Bing, whacking Wave

Industry titans Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. are getting rave reviews this week about innovative new approaches to Internet search and communications, respectively.

To tweet, or not to tweet?

Twitter has gone mainstream, big time. Much has been written about Twitter etiquette, or "Twittiquette," which is concerned mainly with what to do and what not to do on the microblogging service itself. But what about socially acceptable rules for when -- or when not -- to use Twitter at all?

Palm and Sony trump Apple at CES

One of the great industry dramas that takes place each year is the concurrence of Macworld and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).