Stories by Mike Elgan

Version 2 of '$100 laptop' a glimpse of the future

You've no doubt heard of the "$100 laptop" project. The idea is to help poor kids around the world by providing them with simple, durable, usable and wireless laptops for downloading and using textbooks and educational software, playing games and communicating.

How to be a 'digital nomad'

Extreme telecommuting is possible because of the internet and electronic mobile devices, software and services. Thanks to the revolution in digital communication, you can for the first time in human history work on the other side of the world as if you're on the other side of the office.

Opinion: After the iPhoria

It's official. Steve Jobs hit another one out of the park on Friday with the super successful launch of the iPhone. There were glitches and problems, but far fewer than anticipated.

Look out, here come the Digital Bedouin

San Francisco Chronicle journalist Dan Frost wrote a nice piece about local digital nomads he called Bay Area Bedouins recently. Unlike the desert-dwelling originals, these are people who work for San Francisco start-up companies without offices. They roam from one coffeehouse to the next, working wherever they find a wi-fi connection.

Six new facts about the iPhone

The iPhone dominated the news this week after two events provided new and rare details about the most hotly anticipated tech product since the original Macintosh computer in 1984.

Airline cellphone ban doesn’t make sense

How many times have you heard this?: “At this time, all electronic devices, including cellphones and two-way pagers, must be turned off and put away. After takeoff, I’ll let you know when you may use approved electronic portable devices.”

20 things we don't know about the iPhone

Steve Jobs unveiled his breathtaking iPhone vision Tuesday, calling it a "magical" device that would "change the world" when it ships in June. Jobs' use of the word "magical" hit the nail on the head. Jobs' keynotes are more than just speeches. They're magic shows.