Stories by Joab Jackson

Oracle MySQL rival PostgreSQL updated

While Oracle trumpets its open source MySQL database management system this week at the company's OpenWorld conference, the creators behind MySQL's rival, PostgreSQL, have released a major new version of their rival database software.

IBM expands analytics with Netezza buy

Expanding its business analytics offerings yet again, IBM is acquiring data warehouse appliance vendor Netezza for approximately US$1.7 billion in cash.

Leap seconds may be terminated: ITU

Sparking a fresh round of debate over an ongoing issue in time-keeping circles, the International Telecommunications Union is considering eliminating leap seconds from the time scale used by most computer systems, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

OpenSolaris board closes shop

Seemingly abandoned by its new owner, the open-source version of the Solaris operating system, called OpenSolaris, has now lost its governing board as well.

Speech recognition must get smarter: professor

Those who dislike talking on the phone to automated speech recognition systems, may take solace that scientists are working to make such systems more lifelike and less annoying to use.

HP researcher cracks conundrum

A Hewlett Packard researcher has found what he says is a solution to one of the most difficult problems in computer science.

Open source compliance tool launched

The Linux Foundation has launched The Open Compliance Program, an assistance program to help organisations with open source usage compliance.

OpenSSO to continue under guidance of start-up

A Norwegian startup is assuming responsibility for maintaining an open source web authentication technology originally developed by Sun Microsystems, and seemingly neglected by Oracle after its purchase of Sun in January.

Microsoft releases Azure cloud platform appliance

With the help of hardware partners, Microsoft has released a version of its Windows Azure cloud platform as an appliance, the company said on Monday during the kickoff of its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) being held this week in Washington D.C.

Heat maps can monitor system latency

While datacentre managers have long used heat maps to help determine where to best position racks of servers and cooling units, this mode of visualisation can also be handy for better understanding system latency, argues an Oracle engineer in the July issue of Communications of the ACM.

IBM to commercialise genome reading

IBM has partnered with Roche, a manufacturer of medical devices, to build a low-cost device that can read human genomes, the company announced Thursday.

Microsoft: Features still missing in Azure

Due to an early emphasis on getting the right architecture for its Azure cloud platform, which went live in February, Microsoft's cloud service is still missing key features that are available in the company's standalone products, said Microsoft executives at the company's 2010 Tech Ed conference, being held this week in New Orleans.