Stories by James Evans

MS, IBM, Andersen Launch Services Venture

High-tech industry titans Microsoft, IBM and Arthur Andersen will invest $US100 million in a new company that will develop more than 25 "e-campuses" -- complete with hardware, software, finance support, and even a fitness club -- for startups that need to ramp up quickly.

Citrix Announces VPN, Web Application Software

Targeting application service providers (ASPs) and corporate administrators, Citrix Systems announced Tuesday the availability of a new virtual private network (VPN) application and enhancements to application server and portal products.

Digital Media Group Talks About Goals, Napster

BOSTON (08/10/2000) - More than two years after the Digital Media Association
(DiMA) began with seven charter members, the growing trade industry group that
represents technology developers, retailers and Webcasters is still in the
development stage.