Stories by Kirstin Mills

The prince of project management tools

When computing is given substantial coverage in the mainstream media it’s often because an IT project has failed — and when that happens it’s usually a big failure.

Executive buy-in and project success

Whenever I read about project management success, one piece of advice always seems to arise: get top-level management support for the project. But how do you do that if you’re not part of executive management — and if your project is worthwhile, should you even try? It seems opinion is split on the latter question.

Next-generation web not so hot, some say

Is Web 2.0 a great set of tools for business to embrace and remain competitive, or just a consumer fad that’s full of the of the same old IT hype and without a meaningful definition?

Disaster recovery is boring but essential

Business continuity planning isn’t not the sexiest of tasks for people in IT, but if a disaster strikes and there’s been no planning, it can make the headlines.

Coaching staff doesn't require expensive consultants

Plenty of money is made by experts who offer coaching advice to managers, but according Susan Cramm, president of Valuedance, an executive coaching firm in the US, there’s no reason why managers can’t get on and coach their staff without that specialist help.

Carr continues to cause controversy

Back in 2003 Nicholas Carr caused huge debate with an article, and later a book, contending that IT doesn’t matter. His argument was that scarcity, not ubiquity, made a business resource truly strategic. More than three years later, do his views still hold up — and does he still stand by them?

Putting projects in a portfolio works wonders

Using Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to have an of overview of all the IT projects in an organisation can eliminate duplication, save money and boost the standing of the CIO, according to advocates.

Chargeback systems can boost IT, proponents say

To people who are in favour of them, chargeback systems — which allocate costs for IT services to individual departments — help reduce costs. To people who are against them, they introduce an unnecessary level of complexity to an organisation.

GPS could make pulling a ‘sickie’ tougher

When computing and consumer electronics firm BenQ UK ran an advertisement claiming that bogus sick days would be more enjoyable with its technology (showing a man lying in bed watching the soccer world cup on his laptop), it got told off by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

How to avoid making career-limiting moves

A Career Limiting Move (CLM) has a lot in common with that one last drink at office party. It often feels very good at the time, even though a part of you is nagging you not to do it, and you may well regret it later.