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Anti-spam, Web filter features for Message Protector

FRAMINGHAM (09/19/2003) - Nokia Corp. is adding anti-spam and Web-filtering capabilities to its Message Protector appliance, which acts as an anti-virus gateway for Internet traffic. Nokia, which relies on technology partnerships for Message Protector, has licensed the Postini Anti-Spam Engine and the Elron Web-filtering technology for inclusion in Nokia Message Protector Version 1.3. It is expected to ship next month at a starting price of $36,000.

Microsoft readies Windows Small Business Server 2003

FRAMINGHAM (09/19/2003) - Microsoft Corp. last week released the final code of its Windows Small Business Server 2003, a server that integrates the Windows operating system with e-mail, fax, database and security services. The server, which is slated for general availability next month, will ship in standard and premium editions. The standard edition includes Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2003. It also has Windows SharePoint Services for team collaboration and Microsoft Shared Fax Service. The premium edition adds SQL Server 2000, Internet Security and Acceleration Server and Office FrontPage 2003 for designing Web sites.

3Com to outsource manufacturing to reduce costs

3Com this week said it will outsource all of its manufacturing in an effort to further reduce costs, resulting in up to 1000 job cuts. Over the next six months, 3Com will move its manufacturing, distribution and related activities for enterprise network products to Flextronics International of Singapore and Jabil Circuit of St Petersburg, Florida, the company said. 3Com also established a Taiwan Design Centre for designing and manufacturing low-end, standardised volume products. The facility in Taiwan will be operational by the end of November and fully staffed with 3Com personnel and partner personnel by the end of May next year, 3Com said. As part of the outsourcing actions, 3Com said it would close its manufacturing facility in Dublin by the end of February. The moves will affect about 1000 3Com employees worldwide, the majority in the company's manufacturing and supply-chain operations.

HP to unveil products, services for SMBs

Hewlett-Packard plans to unveil several products and services next week tailored for small and midsize businesses. The launch will take place during the Small Business Administration's National Entrepreneurial Conference and Expo scheduled for September 17-19 in Washington, D.C. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Small Business Administration, a US federal agency that provides assistance to small businesses. HP released several new products for SMB customers already this year, including new notebooks and desktops. In May, the company also funded the launch of the Information Technology Solution Providers Alliance, a group developed to help large vendors reach SMBs more effectively through a variety of distribution channels.

Cisco, IBM, Intel to promote network convergence

Cisco Systems, Intel, IBM and other companies will push converged voice, video and data networks through a newly formed marketing organisation, the new group announced this week. The Enterprise Communications Association brings together product vendors, service providers and sales channel partners that want to promote converged networks in companies of all sizes. It aims to educate potential customers about converged network technologies and help the industry develop effective sales and service strategies. Other large founding members of the ECA include network equipment vendor Siemens Information and Communication Networks and IT distributor Ingram Micro

China tries to can spam

The Internet Society of China is hoping to bring the problem of spam under control in the world's most populous country by blocking emails sent from about 125 servers that have been identified as sources of junk email. But the move, which is limited in scope, falls short of shutting off access from hundreds of servers at Chinese ISPs that are sources of spam in China and around the world. The blocked list is heavily tilted toward heading off spam sent from servers in Taiwan, which China regards as a renegade province, and includes eight servers in China, 90 in Taiwan and 27 in other countries, including 16 in the US and six in South Korea. The ISC has been concerned for some time with the mounting problem posed by spam and actions taken by ISPs in other countries to blacklist Chinese servers that are used to distribute unsolicited emails.

SUN NETWORK - Sun to introduct Project Orion

After months of speculation, Sun Microsystems is expected to formally introduce its Project Orion software at the SunNetwork 2003 Conference next week and lay out exactly how much the integrated software bundle is going to cost. In February, Sun first detailed its strategy to package all of its infrastructure software and then update it on a regular quarterly basis - a plan code-named Project Orion. This week, the software bundle will be introduced as the Java Enterprise System. The Java Enterprise System will include directory server, identity management server, Web server, integration server, messaging, calendaring, instant messaging, portal server, Sun cluster software and a new release of the Sun One application server.

JNI rolling out adapters for low-end SAN market

JNI is rolling out host bus adapters for the low-end storage-area network market. The JNI Z210 and Z220 are 2G bit/sec Fibre Channel adapters for servers running Windows. The Z220 is a dual-port version; the Z210 has one Fibre Channel port. The adapters fit in a PCI-X or PCI slot of a server. Linux driver capability is expected to be available next year. They are expected to cost US$800.

AT&T reaches small-business milestone

AT&T this week announced that it now serves 1 million small-business lines with its All in One local and long-distance service bundle. The service provider shared some credit for the total with the US Federal Communications Commission, saying it would not be able to serve so many users without the commission's unbundled network element-platform. The FCC issued its final ruling on UNE-P and local competition in August. UNE-P requires incumbent local exchange carriers to make network elements available to competitors at discounted rates. The ILECs are appealing the FCC's ruling.

2Wire's Home Portal gateway coming soon

DSL providers selling 2Wire 's Home Portal gateway soon will offer customers new applications. 2Wire's Web Remote Access app lets users access home network files and other applications loaded on the gateway. The Firewall Monitor protects all systems on the network and automatically downloads updates. Parental controls combine content screening and Internet access control for blocking specific sites and controlling when the Web is accessed.

Postini announces upgraded antispam services

Content-filtering service provider Postini says it now can filter outbound and inbound corporate email for anti-spam and antivirus protection, with prices ranging from US$15 to $25 per seat. Postini also says it has agreed to license the Postini anti-spam content engine to Nokia for inclusion in the Nokia MessageProtector security appliance.

Wayport appoints COO

WiFi service provider Wayport appointed Greg Williams as its first COO this week. Williams has worked in the high-tech industry for 27 years and most recently was president of SBC Communications IP Communications. Wayport is one of the more aggressive WiFi service providers with 802.11b wireless LAN hot spots deployed in 685 locations across the country.

D-Link launches hot-spot gateways for SMBs

D-Link Systems recently launched a line of WiFi hot-spot gateways for smaller businesses. The Airspot Public/Private Gateway provides a firewall, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server and router for both public and private Internet access. The device can control and monitor up to 250 public user accounts while maintaining a private LAN for employees behind the firewall. For larger hot spots, the device supports POP3, RADIUS and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol external authentication. The DSL-3100 costs US$600.

Microsoft launches Office Online

Microsoft this week launched Office Online, an updated version of its Tools on the Web site. The site gives users access to templates, clip art and other information designed to help them use Office products more effectively, Microsoft said. Direct links will be available from the task panes in Office 2003 applications, letting users access the information without leaving the program on which they are working. Office 2003 is due to be launched in October. There are now more than 100 staff members working on the site, which will be updated daily based on customer feedback, the company says.

Better save than sorry

Given the prominent role of technology in business today, it's no surprise that electronic data often factors into lawsuits and compliance issues. Email seems to play a key role, as demonstrated by several recent events: