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FAQ: IPv6 for enterprise networks

With the availability of IPv4 addresses drying up, enterprise IT managers know they need to move to IPv6, but the migration raises all sorts of questions. In this excerpt from the book IPv6 for Enterprise Networks, the authors answer many of those questions.

Top tech stories of 2011 -- so far

Apple, Microsoft, Google and others are givens for being among the top newsmakers of 2011. Others will no doubt surprise us as we go along.

Top tech stories of 2011

Apple, Microsoft, Google and others are givens for being among the top newsmakers of 2011. Others will no doubt surprise us as we go along. 

2011 tech priorities: Are you ready to shake things up?

Concerns about the economy haven't evaporated, but companies aren't standing still waiting for a bailout. They're working to expand their businesses and find new opportunities for growth, predominantly outside of their current markets.

Web sites are stealing browser histories

Certain Web sites probe visiting browsers for data that can be used to help criminals craft phishing attacks that compromise the accounts of online banking customers, researchers have found.

30 Must-Have iPad Apps for New Owners

So, you've received an iPad for the holidays, or are planning to get one or buy one. Now that you have the device, the next big decision you need to make is, "What do I put on this thing?" With thousands of apps to choose from, figuring out which ones will truly make the device as magical as Steve Jobs says it is could become a daunting task.

Learn from Treasury's networking mistakes

Diane Litman, acting deputy assistant secretary for information systems and chief information officer at Treasury, says CIOs can learn two lessons from the mistakes that were made with the Treasury Network (TNet) consolidation effort:

Don't blame DNS for Facebook outage, experts say

Experts in the inner workings of the Internet’s Domain Name System – which matches IP addresses with corresponding domain names — say the 27-year-old communications protocol does not appear to be the cause of Facebook’s high-profile outage last week.

Galaxy Tab more bad news for laptops, netbooks

Samsung USA's introduction of its Android-based Galaxy Tab tablets at an event in New York City Thursday put both Apple on notice that the iPad has a new competitor and laptop makers in general on notice that a new alternative will soon be in town.

McAfee inside: How Intel bid could shake up IT security

If Intel's bombshell bid last week to <a href="">buy McAfee for $7.68 billion</a> pans out, the companies pledge to bring an unprecedented level of embedded security to networked devices ranging from smartphones to servers, potentially changing the way in which security is delivered to enterprise IT shops.

New security software targets enterprise smartphones

A new client-server software product designed to secure and manage smartphones and other mobile devices has been released. The vendor, Mobile Application Development Partners, says the software can be installed with no changes to existing network or security infrastructures.