Stories by Loek Essers

EU to 'remain vigilant' on Microsoft's browser commitments

Regulators in Europe said Tuesday they will watch closely to make sure Microsoft complies with its commitments to ensure competition in the browser market, after Mozilla complained its Firefox browser is being excluded from Windows RT.

Google is responsible for misleading ads, Australian court rules

Google is responsible for misleading and deceptive ads that use the name of a company to direct traffic to a competitor's site, an Australian court ruled on Tuesday.The Federal Court of Australia ruled in an appeal that Google is responsible for misleading and deceptive advertising targeted to appear near search results for a competitor's name. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) brought the case to court over four instances of misleading ads. In an earlier ruling a primary judge had ruled in favor of Google.In the four cases, searches for a company's name brought up sponsored links containing that name -- but the links led to the websites of competitors that had paid for the ads.

Twitter buys social analytics firm Julpan

Twitter has acquired Julpan, a startup founded last year that analyzes the way people share information on the social web with the goal of delivering fresh and relevant content to users.

Hacker steals 22,000 email address, demands Astley tune

Dutch hacker Darkc0ke hijacked a radio station database containing 22,000 email addresses and threatened to publish them unless the station play Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up," a variation of an internet meme known as "rickrolling."