Stories by Ian Paul

One Million iPads Sold, Apple Says

Apple is<a href=""> bragging it has sold 1 million iPads just days after its iPad 3G went on sale last Friday</a>. The announcement comes less than a month after Apple began shipping the Wi-Fi only version to customers on April 3. In addition to preliminary sales figures, Apple also said that iPad users have already downloaded 12 million apps for the iPad, and 1.5 million e-books.

New Good OS OS reaches for the clouds

Good OS has introduced a new operating system for the internet era called &quot;Cloud&quot;, which is the successor to company's Linux-based gOS that US retailer Wal-Mart introduced in a line of Everex desktops late last year. The Everex computers were pulled from the shelves only months later after Wal-Mart cited a &quot;tepid customer response&quot;.