Stories by John E. Dunn

Human-computer virus experiment ridiculed as 'bad science'

Reading University researcher Dr Mark Gasson has been accused of scaremongering <a href="">after he claimed to have become the first human to be infected with a computer virus</a>.

New data breach system tries user pop-ups

Security giant Check Point has announced a data leak prevention (DLP) system with a neat trick up its sleeve. If it detects that sensitive data is being misused, it tells users through pop-ups.

US military plotted revenge on Wikileaks

The US military was so fearful of classified information ending up on Wikileaks it considered ways to undermine the organisation, a newly published secret report on the site appears to show.

Bogus intranets target universities

Universities and their population of students have been marked out as the next soft target by online criminals, security company RSA has reported.