Stories by Jaikumar Vijayan

Microsoft investigating alleged flaw in IE browser

Microsoft said it's investigating an alleged flaw in recent versions of its Internet Explorer (IE) browser software that could allow attackers to spoof legitimate Web sites, steal content from browser cookies and gain access to certain types of files on a victim's system.

Virus toolkits hand amateurs lethal weapon

The ready availability of virus-generating toolkits will continue to make it relatively easy for even amateur crackers to write worms such as this year’s Anna Kournikova virus, analysts and users warn.

Privacy complexity boggles users

Corporations implementing data-privacy initiatives face complex business and technology issues relating to the access, use, storage and transmission of customer information

Competition for IBM's Mainframes - Unix Servers

According to US users and analysts, the impending exits of both of IBM s plug-compatible mainframe rivals from the S/390 market focuses more attention on the real high-end server battle: the one between IBM's big-iron boxes and Unix systems made by vendors such as Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard.