Stories by Jaikumar Vijayan

Sun Admits to Memory Problem

Problems with a memory component that Sun Microsystems has been quietly trying to fix for the past several months are continuing to plague some large users of Sun's Ultra Enterprise Unix servers. And Sun has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep its customers quiet about the issue.

Netscape Flaw Leaves Files Open to Hackers

A recently discovered flaw in Netscape Communication's Internet browser software could let malicious hackers retrieve and view any directory or locally stored file on a victim's computer.

Microsoft Issues Patch for Latest Outlook Hole

Microsoft Corp. has issued a stand-alone patch that it said fixes a recently discovered hole in its Outlook and Outlook Express e-mail software that created the potential for attackers to infect systems with malicious code that could be executed without the unsuspecting victims having to do anything to initiate an attack.

Chat clients may pose security threats, warns CERT

Internet chat clients such as instant messaging applications pose a serious security risk for corporations, according to an advisory issued last week by Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

CERT urges users to install Office 2000 patch

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), a group at Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Mellon University that monitors security issues, is urging users to immediately install a Microsoft patch relating to a previously revealed security hole in Office 2000.

Sun Denies Reports of UltraSparc III Delays

A Sun Microsystems Inc. spokesman Friday refuted a news report published earlier this week that claimed that Sun had once again pushed back the delivery dates of its first UltraSparc III-based servers.

IBM has big plans for Linux

IBM has announced a major initiative to expand the use and marketing of Linux across its entire range of server hardware. Analysts said that should further boost the confidence of corporate managers interested in the the open-source operating system.