Stories by Michael Lattig

Microsoft Banks on the Internet with BizTalk

EVEN THOUGH Microsoft officials say business-to-business benefits will be a key selling point of Windows 2000, due out this week, the company is not banking its entire business-to-business strategy on one product alone.

IBM details first step in portal strategy

IBM last week put the finer points on its initial enterprise information portal (EIP) offering, unveiling a foundation for data access and integration upon which IBM's partners will be able to build portal applications.
`You could call it a portal builder in a way, an EIP development tool,' said Janet Perna, the general manager of data management at IBM's software solutions division.

Monterey partners predict renaissance for Unix

If Project Monterey partners Compaq, IBM, Intel, SCO, and Sequent have their way, the year 2000 - which for a time was expected to be the death knell for Unix - could in fact herald a new era for the OS.

IT managers skip Merced?

Although Intel maintains that Merced, its first attempt at a chip for the IA-64 architecture, will not be "designed or marketed as some type of development tool," there are rumblings that the chip is merely a stepping stone to the second-generation IA-64 chip, code-named McKinley.

IBM to develop chip set for IA-64

In an effort to differentiate its servers in what is becoming a highly "commoditised" market, IBM will step away from Intel to develop its own core logic for the next big shift in chip technology -- the move to IA-64.

Open sourcers respond guardedly to MS overture

The open-source community responded with wary optimism on Friday to comments emanating from Microsoft that the software giant might open a portion of its Windows code if the Linux operating system continues to gain popularity.