Stories by Rob O'Neill

Opinion: Telecom, a great ad for socialism

It’s been a real media flurry for this new editor in his first two weeks on the job. What with the launch of Vista and ongoing dissatisfaction with broadband services, there have been “independent commentator” duties to perform for both television and radio.

Beware the quick and the dumb

This week’s In Depth section is a look at business intelligence. Now, I’m going to resist the temptation to compare BI to the famous oxymoron “military intelligence”, but when you’ve been around, and worked in a few different organisations, you quickly realise that being smart and being smart quickly is pretty hard to achieve.

Datacom loses ANZ Manpower hosting gig

New Zealand IT services company Datacom is about to lose the Australasian datacentre-hosting business of Manpower, the labour and recruitment services company.

News, news and some fun

Some of you may have realised when I walked into the Computerworld office two weeks ago that I was returning to the scene of many crimes.

Outage halts Genesis Energy payments

A server outage at Genesis Energy yesterday disrupted customer payments, leaving the company unable to accept credit cards or "InCharge" pre-pay payments.

Pegasus Mail put down

New Zealand e-mail pioneer Pegasus Mail is to cease further development of its software, which is used by millions of users worldwide.

Weka development stays at Waikato Uni

Reports that the University of Waikato's Weka open source software project has been sold and staff transferred to a US software company have been somewhat exaggerated.