Stories by Logan G. Harbaugh

Inside the spam filter

SAN FRANCISCO (11/17/2003) - Anti-spam solutions use a variety of techniques to check the contents of e-mail, gathering information from all parts of the message including the header, body, and any attachments. A basic technique of spam filtering involves checking the header of the message for the IP address of the original sender and comparing it to a whitelist or blacklist. Blacklists are lists of addresses of known spammers, and whitelists are lists of senders whose e-mail should be allowed through even if it appears to be spam. The filter may also look for signs that the message header has been forged to hide the original sender.

Enterprise-network solutions face spam

SAN FRANCISCO (11/17/2003) - As anyone with an e-mail inbox knows, the spam problem isn't going away. According to a major anti-spam vendor, spam has increased from 8 percent of all e-mail traffic in 2001 to 50 percent in July 2003. Other estimates show that figure as high as 70 percent of all traffic. Two classes of products can help slay spam in the enterprise environment: gateways and services. Both allow you to block spam for all network users at a single, centrally managed point before it hits your mail server.

SnapGear packs big firewall

As broadband connections become nearly ubiquitous, so too are paperback-sized firewalls. At first glance, SnapGearā€™s SME550 appears to be another, albeit smaller than most.

A2i's xCat pounces on catalogues

Catalogues these days can be broken into three main types: print, online, and CD-ROM. In many organisations, each type of catalogue may be created and maintained by a different department, with lots of duplicated effort and duplicated data. A2i's xCat 4.0 attempts to consolidate the production of all three types of catalogs and it succeeds admirably.

Collaboration tools keep projects on track

Many companies would like to replace cumbersome paper trails — as for a purchase order or an ECO (engineering change order) — with electronic ones. Collaboration software allows the creation of these types of electronic workflows while simplifying communication among team members working on mutual projects.