Stories by Mark Broatch

SolNet in driving seat for iPlanet

Sun Microsystems agency SolNet is likely to take full responsibility for iPlanet products in New Zealand after AOL officially exited its partnership with Sun.

CRM aims not being achieved: DMA survey

New Zealand companies are investing heavily in customer relationship management systems to better retain customers and increase sales to them, though neither aim is being well achieved, according to a new survey.

The haggle game

Keeping control over the buying process should help you choose the right customer management application to fit your business. Mark Broatch finds out how.

Industry NZ eyeballs total view of customer

Establishing a “360-degree” view of information is the underlying mantra at Industry New Zealand (INZ). Its attitude to clients is no different, says IMT (information management and technology) manager Phil Hayward.

Regulate digital TV, say execs

TV executives have called for government intervention ranging from light-handed regulation to “benevolent dictatorship” to further the cause of digital television.

What the analysts say

Gartner says a fully integrated SCM suite is not available from a single source, “despite vendors’ marketing messages and long lists of partnerships”.

The march of technology

My first view of London was a freezing, foggy sky through the windows of a train that had just emerged from under the city-sized concrete warren that is Heathrow airport.