Stories by Mark Broatch

Anti-piracy plans up against human nature

Two pieces of news caught my eye last week. Microsoft New Zealand is for the next couple of months to pay people $5000 for information leading to the successful prosecution of software pirates and “may” donate another $5000 to a designated charity. And XP’s Windows Product Activation feature was reportedly cracked within hours of the product going on sale.

CRM makes sales staff share

New Zealand sales staff of property company giant Jones Lang LaSalle have been particularly disinclined to share contact information with colleagues, because they have worked on a commission-only basis and tended to view colleagues as competitors.

Net's win over distance throws up more issues

Technology is a boon for doing business in far-off places, but that cranking back of the tyranny of distance inevitably kicks up more problems of its own. It’s a catch-22 that businesses considering any kind of e-commerce can’t ignore.