Stories by Mark Broatch

Export hopes for art software

Auckland-based Prism Software is developing an extension to its WIN distribution and job manufacturing products that will manage the storage, distribution and replenishment of printed matter for printing industry customers.

E-Commerce Faces Patent Threat

New Zealand companies wanting to conduct electronic business overseas could end up paying royalties to a U.S. inventor.
Virginia-based Ed Pool, with Doug Mauer, has applied for a patent in New Zealand and about 30 other countries, covering international computer-to-computer trade.

E-Files: Trading places

Share brokers, travel agents and music vendors are ready for the arrival of online trade, but there will be no overnight revolution, they say.

Building and Branding On-Line

Building or transferring a business online is about more than getting stock levels right and technical systems glitch-free. Establishing your brand is more important than ever.