Stories by Mark Broatch

Stats Watch: 'Solutions' find budget cash

Finally, some good news. You’re continuing to open your collective wallets, this year finding a healthy billion dollars among the receipts and old ticket stubs for what IDC calls “IT solutions”.

IT should help in sales fight: info service chief

Clare Hart (pictured) believes technologists should feel pressure from competitors just as sales and marketing people do. They should be part of cross-functional teams who help prepare responses to external competition.

Stats Watch: IT services suffer

Last year was not a happy one for many in the IT services market, though outsourcers are likely to keep their heads above water.

E-tales: Irony zone

Noticed on the site of Base10: underneath the Caldera logo (The SCO Group was formerly Caldera) it has the tagline "Unifying Unix with Linux for business".

Appeal court ruling 'common sense'

It's common sense that software developers continue to have access to the software sub-routines and libraries they repeatedly use to develop commissioned applications, says one senior IP lawyer.

E-tales: Operation Face Save

“Political pressure? Absolutely not.” Sorry for asking, then. But we thought we should, when state-owned BCL last week buried the hatchet it had been wielding over Walker Wireless.

The gap that is online service

The rise of the web and email have allowed New Zealand retail customer service, almost universally lackadaisical, overbearing or arriving at a nose-bleeding price, to fall, I fear, into an online maw, where self help and automated queries are excuses rather than facilitators of better services.

The case for continuity

Even ethical, rational, well-designed and necessary change initiatives sometimes encounter cynicism and resistance.

Altering perceptions

How do you distill the essence of good and bad change management into 1000 words? You quiz Dr Darl Kolb, a lecturer at Auckland University's business school, and hope he doesn't charge too much.

E-tales: Lav online

The AAP press agency reported that world's first portable lavatory with internet access is due to be unveiled in Britain any month now (just waiting for the summer). The iLoo is reportedly being built by Microsoft's MSN internet arm, which will open the door on its creation at Britain's summer music festivals.