Stories by Mark Broatch

Sun flies desktop Linux kite

What are Sun's chances of successfully selling a Linux bundle on the corporate desktop? Fair to good, suggest users and analysts, who cite price advantages, "dissonance" from Microsoft's Software Assurance licensing scheme and a less proprietary desktop environment as elements in its favour.

Keeping projects on course

It’s a generic problem: organisations are spending ever more on IT projects without realising the desired benefits.

Stockbroker gets closer to customers

In the face of shrinking brokerage fees and a need to move into more lucrative areas such as advisory services and investment banking, stockbrokers have no choice but to improve their targeting and understanding of customers. The answer? For JB Were, CRM software.

Stats Watch: Talking money

Perhaps talk of tighter IT budgets is just that: talk, designed to placate nervous directors and shareholders. Analysts seem to be in agreement that New Zealand firms are walking in step with overseas corporates in maintaining or even increasing IT budgets over the next year or two.

Stats Watch: How do your security plans compare?

Last week we had a glimpse at what was happening in the local IT security market — fair growth was expected in the market, especially if vendors get to grips with the needs of a small business-heavy market and/or managed services.

Stats Watch: Are we sitting comfortably?

Harsh reminders like September 11 and Auckland's power blackout highlight the need to ensure business continuity, especially given the always-on demand of enterprises keen to make their mark via the internet.

Stats Watch: Who's buying online?

As the government and its various agencies tussle with the challenges of getting electronic procurement right, it’s worth taking a cloud-high view to see which industries are leading the e-buying pack.

IP case tests code ownership

A legal decision over the ownership of intellectual property in a software development contract is set to have IT firms rushing to their lawyers to protect their base development code.

Stats Watch: E-nabling your whiteware

Fisher & Paykel says it’s well aware of the trend toward so-called smart appliances — whiteware and the like connected to networks or the internet so that they can better carry out their core functions. F&P says it’s poised to jump into the market if it so chooses, as all its machines are electronically controlled anyway.

Peace passes but none's a clear winner

Peace Software is doing well on the international stage, but neither it nor any of its competitors are covering their patch of the customer relationship management (CRM) software market for energy firms as well as they might.

No 8 wire mentality comes to fore

How do smaller firms value and defend the intellectual property they have built up over many years? Whether splitting a company up or trying to defend a lawsuit, New Zealanders’ desire to keep costs down and do-it-yourself instincts come to the fore.

Property rites

Got the idea from hell, but worried the suits will charge you a fortune to put a price tag on it and protect it from those who would pinch it?