Stories by Dan Nystedt

Gartner to slash 2009 chip forecast by US$25 billion

The global financial crisis prompted market researcher Gartner on Monday to lower its preliminary chip industry revenue projections for the next few years, including a US$25.5 billion reduction for next year.

NAND chip prices decline

When Samsung Electronics offered to buy SanDisk for US$5.85 billion (NZ$8.48 billion) earlier this month, some in the industry hoped news of the possible takeover might stem a long-running decline in NAND flash memory chip prices.

Peru to be first with new OLPC laptop with Windows

The government of Peru will run the first ever trial of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) association's low-cost XO laptop running on Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, putting the nation at the heart of a software controversy.

Intel SSD goes smaller

Intel has launched a much smaller version of its Z-P230 SSD (solid-state drive) aimed at netbooks and mini-desktops.

Toshiba extends DVD life

Toshiba has announced a new technology that could help extend the life of current DVD libraries.

Navman to use new Microsoft GPS OS

Navman devices will be among the first to use a new embedded operating system from Microsoft for portable devices that use GPS (global positioning system) and maps.

HP, Acer settle patent dispute

PC vendors Hewlett-Packard and Acer on Monday announced the settlement of all patent disputes between them, putting to rest three federal court cases and two investigations by the US International Trade Commission.

Asustek gives sneak peek of desktop Eee PC

Asustek Computer plans to add a desktop computer to its <a href="">Eee PC</a> family that will launch globally in July, the company revealed Thursday.