Stories by Dan Nystedt

New Eee PC 900 sells out in Hong Kong debut

The new <a href="">Eee PC 900</a> with an 8.9-inch screen sold out within hours of its launch in Hong Kong, an Asustek executive said Monday.

Asustek sues IBM

Asustek has filed a lawsuit against IBM over the alleged infringement of two patents, just a few months after IBM filed a similar action against the Taiwanese company.

Google News, YouTube blocked in China amid Tibet riots

Beijing appears to have taken a page out of Myanmar's playbook by blocking some Internet access amid rioting in Tibet that has already seen as many as 80 people killed, according to the Tibetan government in exile.

Blu-ray Disc faces fight against downloads

Blu-ray Disc may have beaten out HD DVD as the high-definition optical disc format to replace DVDs, but it now faces a new test against Internet downloads, market researchers Gartner and iSuppli said.

Toshiba dumps HD DVD

Toshiba has announced that it will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders, acknowledging the victory of the rival Blu-Ray format.

Flash price drops spurring storage innovation

A massive decline in the price of NAND flash memory, the chips that store photos in digital cameras and music in iPods, is prompting innovation among companies trying to increase sales.

OLPC heralds era of low-cost computing

Critics of the One-Laptop-Per-Child (OLPC) project like to point out that it has not yet lived up to its goal of putting US$100 notebooks in the hands of millions of kids in poor countries, but that's a short-sighted view considering the impact it's already having on the computer industry.

Eee PC's sales success drawing a crowd

Sales of Asustek Computer's Eee PC have soared in its first few months on the market, but success may be its undoing. Rivals are already developing products to compete with the low-cost laptop PC, market researcher Gartner says.

TD-SCDMA makes Beijing Olympic Games roster

China's largest mobile phone network operator will have a 3G (third generation mobile telecommunications) network based on TD-SCDMA technology up and running in eight cities by the end of the year, in preparation for testing ahead of the Summer Olympic Games, slated to start next August in Beijing, industry leaders say.

China Mobile in talks with Apple to sell iPhone

China Mobile is in talks with Apple to sell the iPhone in China, the company's CEO said this week. But he's not keen on the type of revenue-sharing model that Apple has insisted on elsewhere in the world.

HTC already working on Google phone

Taiwanese mobile phone maker High Tech Computer (HTC) is already working on a Google phone, and will start selling it in the second half of next year, an executive said this week.

SanDisk sues

SanDisk is suing 25 companies, including South Korean giant LG Electronics, for allegedly infringing patents used in removable flash storage products including MP3 players and USB flash drives.

Autodesk buys Chinese software developer

Autodesk agreed to buy Chinese engineering software developer Hanna Strategies Wednesday, boosting its development of digital prototyping, building information modeling and 2D and 3D software.