Stories by Dan Nystedt

HP plans solid-state drives in business laptops

Hewlett-Packard plans to offer solid-state drives (SSDs) as an option in all professional series laptop PCs starting this month because the drives operate faster, conserve battery life and are more durable than hard disk drives.

Oracle buys yet again

Oracle has agreed to acquire Netsure Telecom, a provider of network intelligence and network data integrity software. It plans to add Netsure's products to its communications applications suite.

Cost of new factories will delay 18-inch wafers

The world’s largest contract chip manufacturer is part of a group of companies exploring the use of 18-inch (450 mm) silicon wafers to drive down chip costs, but the technology faces a major hurdle: nobody can afford to build an 18-inch wafer factory.

Acer recalls 27,000 notebook PC batteries

Just six months after saying Acer laptop PC users would not need to replace any batteries amid a massive global recall, a company subsidiary announced a recall for 27,000 batteries in the U.S.

Management software easing battery recall

Hardware makers in the PC industry have been working towards making the lives of IT managers easier in recent years by ensuring machines can be diagnosed and fixed more easily, especially in times of crisis.

Dell launches low-cost PC in China

Dell Inc. has launched a new low-cost desktop PC aimed at grabbing market share in China. Instead of Microsoft Corp.'s new Windows Vista OS, it runs Windows XP.