Stories by Hamish Barwick

Orcon posts open letter to ComCom

Orcon’s CEO Scott Bartlett has come out fighting on the unbundled sub-loop decision.
Last week, the Commerce Commission set a monthly rental charge that Telecom’s competitors must pay for access to the sub-loop unbundled copper local loop service. The charge will be $11.99 per line in urban areas and $22.14 per line in non-urban areas.

Microsoft's Ackhurst urges industry collaboration

The local ICT industry remains plagued by self-serving industry groups, image problems and a bias toward employing men, Microsoft New Zealand managing director Kevin Ackhurst told a recent roundtable hosted by the software vendor at the University of Auckland Business School.

Telcos slug it out in High Court

It was a battle of wits and technical facts between lawyers of the old guard incumbent Telecom and mobile giant Vodafone at the High Court in Auckland yesterday.

RoamAD bucks economic downturn

There are already signs the networking market could be headed for strife, with Nortel likely to file for bankruptcy, but New Zealand wireless network builder RoamAD is yet to see a slowdown in international network investment.

Ricoh secures carbon neutral tick

After becoming the first local IT business to achieve carbon neutrality through Landcare Research’s carboNZero programme, Ricoh is encouraging others to follow suit.
Managing director Mike Pollok says that while the world is going through some tough economic times, businesses all need to become more environmentally responsible or there will be serious consequences in the future.

Black + White confident it won't meet TelstraClear's fate

New entrant mobile operator Black + White is confident its wholesale agreement with Vodafone won’t suffer the same fate as TelstraClea's agency agreement.
In July last year, Vodafone assumed direct control of all 30,000 mobile customers who had bought services through TelstraClear under the agency agreement that expired on June 30, 2007.