Stories by Katherine Noyes

Three Ubuntu Linux versions will reach end of life in May

Hard on the heels of Canonical's decision last month to halve the support life for non-LTS releases of Ubuntu Linux, the company late last week announced that three versions of its popular Linux distribution will reach end of life in May.

Bitcoin surges past $100, gains Expensify support

Digital currency Bitcoin has had an exciting few years since its introduction back in 2009, complete with security problems, online heists, a perceived association with the drug trade, and a recent distributed denial-of-service attack.

Six new features coming in LibreOffice 4.0

It's hard to believe LibreOffice has only been around about two years, so thoroughly has it come to dominate as the leading free and open source productivity suite, but late last week a release candidate for its next major version appeared.

Linux Takes on a Bigger Role at This Year's CES

The annual <a href="">Consumer Electronics Show (CES)</a> event is always a fun place to learn about the latest new gadgets coming down the pike, but--aside from Google's ubiquitous Android platform--Linux has <a href="">not typically played a starring role</a>.