Stories by Heather Havenstein

SOA helps build dialogue between IT and users

Shaygan Kheradpir, CIO at Verizon Communications, gets several mostly cordial instant messages each day from line-of-business workers — such as customer service representatives — asking for help with their IT systems.

Getting busy with business intelligence

Pershing, which provides securities clearing, execution and settlement services to institutional investors and investment advisors, has greatly expanded its use of business intelligence in the past few years and is planning to further expand its focus on BI. Patrick Yip, a director at the company, talked to Computerworld US about the implementation.

Emerging appliances speed data analysis

Companies that are fed up with sluggish processing speeds and the tedious chore of maintaining traditional databases are increasingly turning to data warehousing appliances to analyse large data sets.

Sun CTO on open-source Java effort

Sun Microsystems Monday unveiled a new Web portal that will detail its efforts to make its Java programming language available as open-source code. Bob Brewin, Sun's chief technology officer for software, talked to Computerworld Tuesday about the company's work to make its Java SE (Standard Edition) open-source.

Measuring SOA performance a complex art

As companies become increasingly reliant on service-oriented architectures to support mission-critical transactions, monitoring the performance of web services — which can be more complex than traditional system monitoring — is quickly becoming an IT priority.

SOA requires new testing tools, processes

Before the recent move to service-oriented architectures, application testing mostly called for ensuring that a software application performed as it was designed, could handle specific loads and could be integrated with other isolated applications.

Accentuating SOA laboratory project’s goal

Accenture recently announced a US$450 million (NZ$727 million) service-oriented architecture initiative that includes building a new research laboratory and developing tailored SOA applications for specific industries. The IT services firm says its SOA technology lab will initially focus on the healthcare industry through an e-prescription project that’s aimed at integrating the various steps involved in filling a prescription.

SOA proves itself in Texas storm for Austin Energy

On May 3, Andres Carvallo, CIO at Austin Energy in Texas, joked that a spring storm was needed to test the first, newly installed application to run on the electricity utility’s service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Clash of developers and users: IT shops intervene

As users persist with their gripes that applications built by corporate developers don’t meet their needs, IT managers are increasingly turning to tools and processes that can ease requirements definition and management efforts.

Microsoft to release BizTalk Server 2006 R2

Microsoft announced plans Tuesday for a new version of BizTalk Server 2006 designed to help companies extend the reach of their business processes to the edge of the enterprise.

Language of development needs tweaking for global fit

The continuing worldwide broadening of software development organisations — either with internal employees dispersed geographically or through the use of offshore outsourcers — is forcing IT operations to improve their requirements management processes.