Stories by Heather Havenstein

Users want more details on open-source Java

While users welcomed Sun Microsystems’ plan to release Java to open source, they say a lack of details about the announcement makes it difficult to determine the impact of whatever the company is aiming to do.

Mercury unveils change management tool

Mercury Interactive Monday rolled out a new tool designed to allow companies to automate change management and ease the risks associated with application and infrastructure modifications.

Taking BI beyond the inner circle to the front lines

Business intelligence for the masses has been an industry buzz term for the past several years. But several users who attended the Information Builders’ Summit 2006 user conference last month say they are embracing the philosophy with new projects to quickly move BI reports and analysis out to frontline workers, suppliers and customers.

SOA hurdles forcing changes in IT units

Many corporations and government agencies that are shifting from client/ server technologies to service-oriented architectures are facing technical and cultural challenges that are forcing an overhaul of their IT development groups.

Notes announcements come thick and fast

IBM has just rolled out four products under its WebSphere middleware stack. They are designed to help users more easily begin building a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Adobe unveils Flex 2.0 beta and Flash Player 8.5 tools

Adobe Systems has announced the public beta of its Adobe Flex 2.0 and Adobe Flash Player 8.5 tools. The two have been upgraded so developers can more easily connect rich internet applications to different back-end data sources.

IT managers seek help with Web services

The spread of Web services has forced IT managers to seek out new tools to ease the cumbersome process of managing policies like security and performance.

BI for frontline workers

Business Intelligence is one of the biggest growth areas in IT, as organisations are increasingly using embedded BI to help frontline workers make decisions that affect operations.

Firstlogic boosts data cleansing

Firstlogic Inc. will unveil a new data quality integration framework next week designed to allow companies to tackle the burgeoning problem of data cleansing commonly faced when data from disparate front-end and transactional systems is linked for customer profiling and other business intelligence projects.

BI reporting tools improve

SAN FRANCISCO (11/17/2003) - BI vendors MicroStrategy Inc., Actuate Corp. and QlikTech Inc. are reinforcing their reporting tools with simplified deployment, centralized management, and better data presentation.