Stories by Heather Havenstein

It's Yahoo's turn to bring desktop features to browser

Yahoo Wednesday became the latest company to provide developers with the opportunity to build rich Internet applications with some desktop functions with its unveiling of a preview version of a new offering called BrowserPlus.

Chinese bloggers get free rein as earthquake slows censors

Chinese blogger Paul Denlinger noted in his blog Monday that for the first time ever, Chinese flags are lowered to half mast to commemorate the loss of ordinary citizens. The flags have been lowered for the tens of thousands of victims down during a three-day national mourning period that ends on Wednesday.

Developers target XP over Vista by wide margin

Stymied by a lack of user interest in Microsoft Vista, many North American developers are still not targeting the new operating system when writing new applications, according to a survey released today. The survey did find some growth in Vista development will come in 2009.

Sun unveils RIA toolset, new project for developers

Sun Microsystems used Tuesday's opening JavaOne Conference keynote to demonstrate its JavaFX client technology for building rich Internet applications (RIA) and announced that the tool set will ship in the northern Autumn.

MySpace launches applications gallery

<a href="">MySpace Inc.</a> Thursday announced the public launch of its <a href="">MySpace Application Gallery</a>, which is stocked with more than 1,000 new applications that its users can add to their profiles.

Coghead launches developer exchange gallery

US company Coghead has rolled out a hosted service that can be used by developers to sell applications created using the company's &quot;do it yourself&quot; web application development technology .

IBM rolls out tools for non-techies, developers

IBM unveiled two mashup products this week, one aimed at allowing nontechnical business users to quickly build new applications by melding data from various sources, and a mashup development environment for technical users.

Web was fertile ground for April Fools' pranks

Pranks were rife on the web last week for April Fools' Day 2008, ranging from a prominent tech blogger's claim to have filed a US$25 million (NZ$31 million) suit against Facebook for the unauthorised use of his image to Google's unveiling of a feature that would allow users to send email back into the past.

BI-Google Maps link

Information Builders has released a new mashup application for integrating business intelligence data with Google Maps without developer coding.

New tools will marginalise IT's role in BI: Gartner

The role of corporate IT units in business intelligence will become increasingly marginalised in the future as emerging technologies such as search and collaboration tools allow individual users and business units to build their own analytic applications, according to a recent study by analyst firm Gartner.

Forrester: AJAX-powered Web apps disappoint power users

Most power users are disappointed with the performance of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) based on Asynchronous JavaScript with XML, or AJAX, according to a new research report from <a href="">Forrester Research Inc.</a>

Microsoft forges first official link to Eclipse

Microsoft Corp. Wednesday announced its first collaboration with the open source <a href="">Eclipse Foundation</a> by committing to provide engineering support to allow the Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) to use Microsoft's <a href="">Windows Presentation Foundation</a> (WPF). The move aims to make it easier for Java developers to write applications that look and feel like native <a href="">Windows Vista</a>, according to Microsoft.