Stories by Heather Havenstein

Service offers cloud development

Bungee Labs has released a new version of its web application development and hosting service and announced that it has opened its public beta program to all developers.

Recruitment firm pays candidates for interviews

US recruitment website has upped the ante in the hiring stakes by allowing potential candidates to calculate a price for which they will agree to interview with prospective employers.

IT set to embrace Web 2.0: reserach firm

IT managers and CIOs in large companies who have actively resisted embracing Web 2.0 technologies like wikis, RSS, blogs and social networks will probably begin adding them to their priority lists in 2008, according to a report released last month by Forrester Research.

Top Digg users revolt against algorithm change on site

The volatile users at social news ranking site Thursday launched a new revolt against the site, protesting a new algorithm that would let a more diverse set of users determine which stories reach the top of its rankings.

Adobe exec: All corporate apps 'fair game' for AIR

Adobe Systems is set to launch its Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) next month, which promises to transform rich Internet Applications to desktop applications that can run locally or online. Adobe, best known for its appeal to designers with technologies like Flash, has set its sights for AIR on the corporate enterprise. Mike Downey, group manager for evangelism in Adobe's platform unit, discussed the new runtime technology and the company's plans for it in an interview with Computerworld.

Traffic to YouTube, other video sites doubled in 2007

Online traffic to YouTube and other online video sites doubled last year compared with 2006, as almost half of adult online users say they visited such sites, according to a research report released Wednesday.

Google dips its toe into user-generated profiles

Google Inc. over the weekend quietly announced Google Profiles, which provide a way for users of various Google products like Google Maps and Google Reader to offer information about themselves to other users.

Adobe to release developer tools to open source

Adobe Systems Inc. announced on Thursday plans to release to open source selected technologies in its LiveCycle Data Services suite of development tools. The technologies are used by developers to boost the data transfer capabilities and performance of rich Internet applications (RIA).

New IBM tools boost DB2 Data Warehouse

IBM has rolled out a suite of performance management software designed to ensure that business intelligence applications that support critical company operations like call centre support perform adequately.

Some users fear long-term effects of IBM-Cognos deal

Some users fear that IBM's proposed US$5 billion (NZ$6.56 billion) acquisition of Cognos, announced last week, could force sites running non-IBM database systems to significantly change long-term technology spending plans.