Stories by Heather Havenstein

Companies still seeking ROI from SOA

Only 37 percent of companies using service-oriented architecture (SOA) technology have seen it result in a positive return on investment, according to a report released Monday by Nucleus Research Inc.

Dow Chemical launches social networking project

The Dow Chemical Co. Wednesday is set to announce plans to launch a social networking project in December that will provide a new way for former employees, retirees and current employees to communicate about full-time and contract job openings at the firm.

The art of ceding control of consumer technology

Organisations are being overrun with consumer technologies like instant messaging, mobile devices, Skype and social networking tools as workers seek to infuse the workplace with the productivity these tools have given them in their personal lives.

Study: Companies apply ROI to Web 2.0

Enterprises are aiming to apply traditional ROI and business benefit measures to Web 2.0 tools despite the difficulties in measuring the "softer" returns, such as the improved productivity and communication that wikis, blogs and RSS bring to a company, a new survey has found.

State official: MySpace finds sex offenders among users

MySpace has identified more than 29,000 registered sex offenders among those registered to use its site -- more than four times what the company said in May it had found from an investigation, according to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

VelvetPuffin offers Web-based IM client

VelvetPuffin, a Web service that provides instant messaging and content sharing, this week is unveiling a new feature that allows users to access it from any desktop computer without downloading software.

Blogosphere buzzes about 'death of the page view'

The blogosphere is buzzing about what some are calling the death of the page view following Nielsen/NetRating's announcement Tuesday that it would stop using the traditional measurement as its primary metric to compare Web sites.

Information overload tackled

KnowNow has unveiled technology it says can provide busy employees with updated, personalised feeds of information compiled from internal sources such as enterprise applications and external sources like news sites and blogs.

Eclipse releases annual developments tool updates

The Eclipse Foundation Wednesday begins the annual coordinated release of new versions of its 21 open-source projects. The updates include new runtime technology for creating server applications and tools for improving collaboration, according to the foundation.